Raw Tape In - 3 Pack Bundle Deal

Lady Luxury has 100% Raw human hair tape-in extensions. 

Raw hair is unprocessed (non-chemically) treated hair extensions that is streamed to its desired texture, with each hair strand aligned in the same direction reducing the amount of shedding and tangling.

If you want a safe seamless/ flat installation, that will not cause any tension, or damage, to your natural hair or scalp. We have 8 different textured tape ins that match all hair types to achieve the most realistic look that blends seamlessly into your natural hair! 

This bundle deal includes: - 3 Packs (120 pieces per pack/ 60 sandwiches.)


How Many Packs Do you need?

  • 1 pack includes 40 pieces = 20 sandwiches. Half of head adding fullness.
  • 2 packs include 80 pieces = 40 sandwiches. Adding texture/ fullness and length creating a natural look.
  • 3 packs include 120 pieces. 60 sandwiches. For a full head. 
  • 4 pack include 160 pieces. 80 sandwiches. Extremely full head of hair.

  Lasts 3-5 years with proper care. Your tape can be replaced and reused lasting years with proper care.